Building the future

After CMU Portugal Summit 2022 Closing Ceremony, the CMU Portugal Program Directors, along with the Dean of the College of Engineering at CMU, Bill Sanders, CMU Provost, and Chief Academic Officer, James H. Garrett, the Program’s Board of Directors, and the External Review Committee members, met with the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato to share an overview of the Program and its achievements, sharing a perspective of what can be improved in the future. The meeting was followed by a high-level dinner which allowed a further assessment of the outcomes of the international partnership, which is expected to be renewed at the end of 2023.

With an end to the 2022 Summit, the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Program hosted on the next day, November 11th, its annual Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting, which is part of CMU Portugal’s governing structure and is responsible for policy oversight and discussion of the CMU Portugal Program plan of activities. The Meeting was chaired by  Madalena Alves, President, at  Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and counted with the presence of  James H. Garrett, Provost, at Carnegie Mellon University, William H. Sanders, Dean at Carnegie Mellon University, College of Engineering, Rogério Carapuça, President of the Portuguese Association for Development of Communications (APDC), Representative of Industry and was joined remotely by Paulo Jorge Ferreira, Rector, Universidade de Aveiro, Representative of the Council of Portuguese Rectors. The Board Meeting also counted the participation of the CMU Portugal National Directors, Inês Lynce and Nuno Nunes; the CMU Portugal Director at CMU, José M.F. Moura; the Executive Director in Portugal, Sílvia Castro; the Associate Director at CMU, Megan Berty; and Ana Reis from the International Partnerships Office at FCT.

After the initial opening remarks by Madalena Alves (FCT) and James H. Garrett (CMU), the CMU Portugal directors presented the CMU Portugal Progress Report for 2022 and the plan of activities for 2023. In the end, it was discussed the vision plan for CMU Portugal’s next funding phase after 2023.

In a meeting held in parallel, the ERC gathered for a final internal meeting to evaluate the Program’s overall performance, followed by the presentation of the Committee’s report to the CMU Portugal Directors.

The External Review Committee is appointed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT). This committee reviews the yearly activities implemented by the CMU Portugal Program in general and has an advisory role oriented toward the independent evaluation of the activities of the Program. The CMU Portugal ERC members elected for CMU Portugal 3rd phase are: Sir John O’Reilly as Chair (UCL, UK and A* STAR Singapore; Fernando Pereira (Google, USA); Yvonne Rogers (UCL, UK); Giulio Sandini (IIT, Italy); and Ali Sayed (EPFL, Switzerland).

As a result of these extensive interactions during the two days of the Conference, the ERC will soon present a Public Report that will be published on our website.